Excellence in Clinical Research

IMMUNOe Health Centers – originally founded as single specialty clinic

Each health center site has these specialties:

  • Immunology
  • Allergy/Asthma
  • Pediatrics
  • Family Practice/Internal Medicine
Linked with IMMUNOe International Research Centers

IMMUNOe International Research Centers, founded in 1994

  • Sites in US
    • Centennial, CO
    • Thornton, CO
    • Green Valley Ranch, CO
    • Longmont, CO
    • San Diego, CA
  • Central America
    • Panama City, Panama

Scope of Research

IMMUNOe Research’s unique research and treatment philosophy not only provides superior research outcomes, but also offers treatment options that address both the symptoms and the genesis of immune-related conditions. We focus on the role of the immune system in the development of diseases. 

IMMUNOe Reseach recognizes the influence of environmental factors on the immune system. These factors, once having affected the immune system, manifest themselves as a variety of conditions that cannot be effectively addressed or understood without assessing the root of the cause.

Our efficient and caring clinical model engages patients and medical professionals as partners in treatment and discovery. Individualized care plans are designed and crafted to fit each patient’s needs and goals. With over 25 years of research success, the IMMUNOe Research team provides exceptional results in both clinical research and treatment facets.

The Medicine of the Future

Our founder Dr. Isaac Melamed, has created our health centers to provide the medicine of tomorrow, today. Our integrative approach means that we look at the whole patient and identify underlying health issues that are at the root cause of most diagnoses.

We have three arms that support each other. Our patient services for Allergy, Asthma, and Primary Care are at the center of our organization. Our world-class and extensive research branch helps us find new medical solutions. The Veros Biologics branch links everything together with state of the art infusion centers deliver IVIG therapies at our centers or in patients homes.

Learn more about how we have been dedicated to health in Colorado for over thirty years.

At IMMUNOe We study the cause, not the symptoms

IMMUNOe has been leader in conducting clinical research trials since 1992. With multiple sites within Colorado, we conduct research studies for pharmaceutical companies seeking FDA approval for their compounds. As within our clinical practice, we believe the immune system may be either directly or indirectly involved in many disease processes. That is why we have made it our mission to conduct in state-of- the-art research that examines the most important, complex and compelling issues surrounding the full spectrum of immune related disorders.

PRESS - BioCentury, Long COVID Therapies are starting to populate a sparse pipeline

COVID-19 is having lasting effects on some people and we are actively participating in research to develop therapies to help these patients. Recently our Dr. Isaac Melamed was noted in a BioCentury article discussing some of the promising therapies.