Research Facilities

Taking Global Research to a new level.

Our Mission

  • To focus on the immune system, as well as drugs and drug mechanisms that modulate the system.
  • To facilitate the prevention of disease through early intervention and the next generation of medical therapies.
  • To maintain a controlled, fully-synthesized U.S-based research institute that will deliver efficient completion of all phase drug trials while simultaneously ensuring that integration of clinical, administrative and diagnostic platforms.
  • To continue to be valued and respected partners to the research industry.

Our Vision

  • A unique centralized system to deliver quality research
  • An immune-system focus that is unique to the research field and allows for superior patient care

Our Expertise

IMMUNOe Research Centers began conducting clinical trials in 1998, with a focus on allergy and immunology. Our specialized attributes and capabilities have led to the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies to rank us as one of their most trusted and most knowledgable partners in research development.

We manage inflammation and immune-related clinical trial operations for pharmaceutical and investigator-initiated research studies in our fully staffed research and infusion centers.

We also offer compassionate and knowledgeable patient care that engages our patients as active participants in their health.

Patient Recruitment

Quality of Research

Education and GCP

New discoveries are rapidly changing the way we approach and treat immune relate conditions. Our institute, IMMUNOe Research Centers, is a part of this change. We manage clinical trial operations for both pharmaceutical and investigator-initiated research studies for a spectrum of immune-related conditions in our fully staffed research facilities.